Domain Backorders

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Includes registration cost and ICANN fee.Free daily monitoring keeps an eye on your domain.Valid until successful. If you don’t get the domain, just re-assign to a different name. 

What is a domain backorder, anyway?

You know those little numbered tickets that you get at a supermarket? A domain backorder is kind of like that. If a previously owned domain becomes available, you’re in line to get it. Of course, there’s a little more to it than that.

Someone else owns it but you want it. Let’s make that happen.

Domains are forever
(except when they’re not).Every year, there are thousands of domains that expire and don’t get renewed for one reason or another. If any of those are the domain you’re after, that’s when we swoop in and get it for you. We can do it with any .com, .co, .info, .org, .net, .me, .mobi, .us or .biz address.
Go for the win.Your dream domain could be someone else’s, too. If someone else wants the same domain you do, we’ll let you know. At that point, it goes up for auction. You can either bid to win or pass — it’s your call. Either way, someone new is getting that domain.
There are no losers here.Did you place the winning bid? Good job, you’re now the proud owner of your dream domain. If you didn’t, no big deal: Your backorder credits never expire, and you can transfer them to another domain. After all, dreams don’t die, they multiply.

Options? You’ve got plenty.

Whether you won or lost that dream domain, there’s still a ton of opportunity ahead of you.

Let us show you the world of domain investing.That’s right, domain investing is a thing. Purchase domains for standard rates, then resell them for profit on our Domain Auction site. It could make you a little (or a lot of) extra cash, and that’s never a bad thing.

If you buy a lot, why not save a lot?Can’t get enough domains? Our Discount Domain Club offers the lowest prices around on new domains, plus a membership to GoDaddy Auctions and CashParking Premium, all for only $9.99/mo. It’s hard to find a better deal than that.Money for nothing and your checks for free.Have you ever visited a website where there’s nothing but ads? That’s the concept behind CashParking, and it can make you some extra cash. You earn 60% of the advertising sales made on the basic plan, and 80% with CashParking Premium. Why not let your domains work for you?


GoDaddy is the GOLD STANDARD for domain name services!Just had another great experience with GoDaddy tech support today, as I was a bit challenged with completing a domain backorder request. Tech support answered after just a brief hold and quickly answered my questions to get me on the right track. Great job! I’ve used some no-frills domain registrars in the past, but I highly recommend GoDaddy, especially for those who are not very “technical.” They are the gold standard in domain name services.

-Dev Horn,



What is domain backordering?

Placing a domain backorder is essentially like putting a reservation on a domain name registered to someone else. If that domain name expires, you get a chance to register it before it’s available to the public.

For more information, visit our Domain Backorders and Monitoring support page

  • How do I backorder a domain name at GoDaddy?If you don’t know how to backorder a domain name, you’re not alone. The process can vary slightly from registrar to registrar, but the general process is the same across the Web. When you backorder a domain name, we apply your payment to the domain name when it expires. If you’re the only one who backordered the domain name, it’s yours at no additional cost. If it goes to auction, we use your backorder payment to place the opening bid. You can continue to bid on the domain name, or simply move your backorder credit to another domain name.

    For more information, see Setting up Backorders.
  • Are domain backorders guaranteed?While we cannot guarantee that you will secure your dream domain name, we will make every attempt to acquire it on your behalf. If the current registrant doesn’t renew the domain name, we use every registration channel at our disposal to register it for you. Our backorder process gives all of our customers the chance to get the domain names they want.

    For more information, see Does Domain Backorders guarantee domain name registration?
  • How do I know when a backordered domain name becomes available?If you purchase a domain name backorder, we notify you as soon as it becomes available. Plus, when you place a backorder at GoDaddy, we give you free daily monitoring tools to keep an eye on the domain name.

    For more information, see What is Domain Name Monitoring?
  • Why should I place my domain backorder at GoDaddy?When you backorder a domain name at GoDaddy, we give you more than just an opportunity to secure your dream domain name. We give you tools to succeed online. Every backorder includes free Domain Monitoring, a one-year membership to GoDaddy Auctions®, one year of domain name registration, and proceeds toward your first bid if the domain name you backordered goes to auction.

    For more information, see What is Domain Backorders?
  • I purchased a domain name backorder. What happens now?The next step is to use your Domain Monitoring membership to monitor the progress of your backorder. After you backorder a domain name, we check its status daily and send you email notifications whenever there’s a change. After the current registration expires, we attempt to capture the domain name before the registry releases it to the public. If we are successful and you are the only backorder holder, you become the domain name registrant. If there are multiple backorder holders, you can participate in an auction to win the domain name.

    For more information, see Using the GoDaddy Auctions Watch List.
  • Where can I view my domain backorder?You can log in to your GoDaddy account to view and monitor your backorder in the Domain Manager. That’s where we display all of the important information you need, including status updates and the domain name’s expiration date.

    For more information, see Viewing Your Backordered and Monitored Domain Names.
  • Can I add privacy to my domain name backorder?Yes. By default, your personal contact information is publicly displayed in the Whois database when you register a domain name. Don’t worry – it’s easy to protect yourself by adding Domains By Proxy® Private Registration to your backorder.

    For more information, see Adding Privacy to Backordered Domain Names.
  • When can I expect to receive the backordered domain name in my account?If we are successful in our attempt to secure your dream domain, we register the domain name to you and then put it in your account within 45 days. One year of domain name registration is included in the cost of your backorder. Annual discounts available on NEW purchases only. Products will automatically renew until canceled. You may turn off the auto-renewal feature by visiting your GoDaddy account. 
  • My backorder was unsuccessful. What should I do?If your domain name backorder is unsuccessful, we recommend trying again with a different domain name. Moving your backorder to another domain name is fast and free.

    For more information, see Changing a Backorder to a Different Domain Name.
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